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The Gardens of Sir Verity is now available for download for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, the Apple iBookstore and at lulu.com! To purchase click here 

A Message From The Publisher

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. After a long hiatus Bastion Publishing is back in operation. Founded in 1998, we published the young adult title The Gardens of Sir Verity. Though the story was well-liked, the book had limited success. But now, as technology has allowed small publishers to reach greater potential audiences than ever before, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of a revised edition of The Gardens of Sir Verity in ePUB format!

While author Benjamin Sheppard insists that the original version of Gardens will always be the TRUE version, the revised edition features clearer plotlines, refined dialogue, and also brings the story into the modern world of smart phones and the internet.

What hasn't changed is the heartwarming story, endearing characters and valuable morals that made this book a classic among its small but enthusiastic audience.

We invite you to see for yourself why after 14 years we are re-releasing this title to the world. And if you have never read The Gardens of Sir Verity, we invite you to see why not understanding is the first requirement.

Feel free to explore our site for author insights, news and reviews, or to sign our guestbook! Thank you and welcome to the world of Bastion Publishing!